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When Your Children Fight Over Their Tablet

Have you ever heard the piercing sound of a child’s scream as a toy is being taken away from them? How many times have you found yourself on public with a child who simply will not stop crying? This is something we must all face if/when we have children…

Now, as this website is about kids tablets, I will give you an example of something that happened to me not long ago while at the supermarket will my son. See, I had recently bought him a kids wifi tablet thinking that it would keep him occupied as I did the housework in the evenings. When he first received the tablet, he was astounded at the idea of having access to the Internet on his own portable device instead of on my computer. He loved his newfound ‘freedom’ and browsed the web for hours on end.

Needless to say, I had to set the parental controls on this tablet so that he could not access certain social media sites. Moreover, I added set time limits to each app he was using to only be available at certain times of the day. Well, this did not turn out very well!

One day, he was playing Angry Birds on his tablet when the game shut itself off. And boy, did he ever have a fit… Well, needless to say, my boy had a time out. It’s been 6 months since this happened, but I remember thinking that perhaps we should not have ever bought him the tablet. I have changed my mind since then.

It is always important to remember that kids will omy cry because they are in pain and want something to alleviate it. Even if this means causing the parents grief. Children do not develop the cognition to understand what they are doing to a parent’s stress levels until they are well beyond the teenage years. I simply remember the reason why I bought the tablet in the first place. I wanted an educational tool that would accelerate my son’s learning, just as he had taught me so many things about being a parent.

So the next time you see your child crying over something he can’t have, remember the reason why this had to be a reality in the first place. And don’t despair… there will always be plenty of joy to go around!

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