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When To Introduce Tablets To Your Kids

Review By: Adriana
Posted on June 9th, 2014

You have probably realized by now that a tablet can be of great benefit to your kids’ learning. You could buy a tablet at any time, but is there an optimal time to buy your kids a tablet?

From the time they are 1-2 years old, they are already handling your handheld devices. But they are not ready yet to fully understand how to use them. This is the time when you want to play with them outside and with their toys to enhance their manual creativity.

But by the time they are 3 years of age, they are able to start learning the ways of the handheld electronic. Try handing them your smartphone or iPad, and see how they respond. Are they interested?

If so, you can begin thinking about purchasing a kids tablet…

Benefits of a Tablet In Preschool

Your kids will begin to learn their alphabet in preschool, and giving them a headstart on this can dramatically increase their confidence starting off in school.

All kids tablets give have apps that will teach kids to read and write in a fun and interactive way. Studies have shown that these games will greatly improve retention, as they have a memorable visual and sound related component.

Supervise Your Kids Tablets Use

When your kids begin to learn how to use their tablet, you must supervise during the first few uses in order to teach the proper usage. This will also depend on their age, and the younger they are, the more supervision they will need.

The parental controls on most kids tablets will allow you to filter Internet usage, so you need not worry too much about the websites they are accessing. Be sure to set these limits to filter out bad social media sites and the like. The controls will also allow you to limit the time spent on certain apps for each kids account. Some will allow you to set a day of the week and time that an app can be used. Use it to your advantage.

What Tablet To Buy Your Kids

There are dozens of kids tablets on the markets, and it can be difficult to choose which to buy. Much research can be done on each one, and eventually, the best ones emerge.

Some tablets offer an excellent suite of proprietary software, while others rely more of the Google Play app store.

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