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VTech Innotab 3S VS Fuhu Nabi JR

Review By: Adriana
Posted on May 12th, 2014


It’s time for a VTech Innotab 3S and Nabi Jr faceoff! Both run on the Android operating system, and both are targeted towards kids ages 3-9 years old. Lets look at each individually.

VTech Innotab 3S

The VTech Innotab 3S comes preloaded with 20 apps. Parents can choose from over 500 games and educational apps on the VTech app store. These apps appeal to familiarity, featuring themes from Nickelodeon and Disney. These apps cover subjects such as reading, logic, science, and creativity.

The parental controls on this tablet are pretty standard. Parents can allow or deny access to a specific app for a user profile, and set a time limit for its usage. There is also safe web browsing so your kids can stay out of harm’s way.

One great thing about this new model is the new landscape setting. Now your kids can tilt their tablet to get a different view, which will be appropriate for playing certain games and makes it more comfortable.

Moreover, kids can now text other tablets and phones with the Innotab. When you are out shopping or doing an errand, your kids can contact you wherever they have a wifi connection.

Fuhu Nabi JR

The educational apps on this tablet seems pretty advanced. It actually learns your kids patterns through its software. It will adjust to your kids’ aptitudes as they play games and track their achievements for parents to see on their own accounts. This can let parents know if there are areas of learning to need to be addressed.

The educational apps on this tablet is based on the Wings system; a piece of software written by Fuhu. The Wings system contains learning objectives centered around reading, writing, and math. There are 1000’s of lessons to choose from, and as your kids win games, they will earn coins that they can use to purchase other apps.

In mommy-mode, parents can access Google Play or the Amazon app store, which have many other educational apps and games.


In comparing the two tablets, we can see that they are both very similar in software quality and specs.

Both foster education with a series of proprietary apps and games. But the Fuhu Wings system wins in this category.

Both are 5 inch tablets and come with 4GB of storage. However, the Innotab 3S can be expanded to 32GB with a microSD card. This extra storage space can be important when installing new apps, as about 50% of storage capacity is already taken up by preloaded apps.

The Innotab 3S also wins in terms of its weight being the lighter of the two. The Innotab weighs 2.1 pounds, while the Nabi JR weighs a hefty 3.2 pounds.

The Innotab 3S display is dimmer than the Nabi JR display. It has also been said that the Innotab 3S is a bit sluggish. However, the Nabi JR has had bad reviews when it comes to customer service. Given the fact that the Nabi JR has a proprietary charger, if you ever run into any trouble with it and need a new charger, good luck dealing with customer service.

The Verdict

Both tablets cost around $100. So which is the best overall? As you can see from the above comparison, both have standard educational apps, but as with any low cost kids tablet, they will have their issues with performance. It is up to you to choose the best ‘pros and cons’ combo for you.

If you are willing pay fork out a bit more for a better tablet, we would go with the Nabi 2 instead.

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