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Using Tablets For Kids With Learning Disabilities

As a visitor of this website, you are probably aware of the many benefits a kids wifi tablet can have on learning. Part of the reason why the educational apps work so well with kids is the fact that they are entertaining. It does not make it seem like work, just fun and games. But it is so much more…

So what else can this tablet be used for? Kids with disabilities for one. There are 2 main reasons why an educational game can be beneficial for a disability:

1. It does not seem like work
2. The sights and sounds grab a child’s attention


You can probably begin to guess what form of disability this can be used for. For example, kids with ADHD will have difficulty maintaining concentration when they are reading a book. But when they are playing a game, they become extra attentive.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this is, but it is also part of the reason why Ritalin works by exciting the nervous system. When kids get excited over a game, they spend a lot of time playing it. This is why there is a higher percentage of kids who have ADHD who play video games. If your child has ADHD, a kids tablet can be a life saver. It can mean the difference between passing, or failing a class. Kids learn to read and write, do math, and learn science without the stigma of being in a classroom.

Asperger’s Syndrome

If one of your kids has high functioning autism, a kids tablet will be of benefit. Kids will autism are intrigued by bright lights and fast paced action. This grabs the child’s attention, and they naturally want to pick up the tablet and start to learn. The logic learning apps might be of special benefit to them, as they learn things that might come in handy when learning computer programming in later years.

Speech Impediment

When kids have speech impediments, they sometimes prefer to be put in situations where they do not have to speak. Of course, it is crucial to provide some mentoring when it comes to communication. But when you give a child a break and let them use their tablet, they can begin to learn in the comfort of their own minds.

Delayed Learning

Your kids may have a delay in their learning abilities. You may have noticed this already, or you may be suspecting it, but can’t tell whether it is true. Most kids tablets feature a ‘mommy-mode’, with which you can view your kids’ progress in a pie chart. You can learn what subjects they are best at, and what apps they prefer to play. This can give you a better idea of where their aptitudes lie.


You will find great benefit in giving your kids a tablet for a truly engaging learning experience. If your child has a learning disability, it is not only you who will be happy with their progress. They will be happy with themselves as they follow along a suite of educational programs that they know are designed to help them achieve.

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