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The Worst Kids Tablet of 2014

Kids tablets come in a spectrum of quality, ranging from low priced and low quality, to higher priced and better quality. However, there is a tablet that defies this general rule

…The Polaroid Kids Tablet

The Price Mystery

First off, I want to mention that this tablet is posted several times on Amazon by the same company for various prices. These prices range from $150 to $230 for the exact same tablet.

Furthermore, the Polaroid website has this tablet advertised with a ‘Buy Now’ button, which then leads to a third party site. And the third party site’s ‘Buy Now’ button leads to an Amazon listing by the same company as the others, but at the price of $75. Why couldn’t I find this listing myself by going directly to Amazon? Perhaps because there are too many listings to count and by the time I sift through all of them, I am too tired to find the one with the lowest cost.

Low Quality

The Polaroid Kids Tablet has a 7 inch, 800 X 480 dpi resolution. This is a very low resolution compared to the traditional 1024 X 900 or more that is standard for most recent tablets. The 800 X 480 dpi screen appears very grainy.

The processor speed is only 1.0 GHz. Most kids tablets processors of this price range are at least 1.2 GHz dual core.

To make things worse, the battery life is only 2 hours.

The low quality of this product is outstanding when you consider that some people are buying this for $150 or more. But even at $75, it is still has lower specs than the $38 Datawind Ubislate 7ci.

At times, kids tablets that have low specs make up for it by giving access to a nice library of educational apps. But this tablet’s apps are generic and don’t include the more popular themes that capture kids’ interest.

The Hype

According to the Polaroid website, this tablet has won many awards, one of them being an engineering award. It has also been featured on TV. It just goes to show how companies capitalize on advertising. People tend to trust award giving organizations a little too much, and Polaroid knows this.


As you can probably guess, this tablet has not really taken off and has bad reviews. The specs are shabby and it is simply an all around flop. If you want to purchase a cheap tablet for under $100, consider buying the Datawind Ubislate 7ci instead. It is %50 cheaper and it has better specs.

Even if you were not thinking about purchasing a Polaroid Kids Tablet, I hope that this article has enlightened you a bit about what is out there and what you need to watch for.

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