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The Disadvantages Of A Kids Tablet

We talked a lot about the advantages of kids tablets as educational tools to accelerate learning. But we have not yet covered the disadvantages of using kids tablets as a means of babysitting them while you focus on your own activities.

First, lets talk about why one might want to leave a child with a tablet for a period of time. Now, it may be obvious to most parents that keeping kids occupied is a godsend. How else are we to recover from a long day’s work?

There are two main camps to the debate; the traditionalist parents argue that by giving our children the tablet babysitter we are depriving them of meaningful social interactions and explorative play of the wider world. In our exponentially saturated digital world children of all ages are turning to screens of all sizes for interactions.

The other side of the coin argues that by rearing a generation that lenses the world through tech will allow them to develop soft tech skills early on that can be advantageous in most areas of employment.

So is there a middle ground? If you buy your kids a tablet, will they get hooked on it and not want it to be taken out of their hands? I believe that is the main question we must ask ourselves…

Have you ever tried taking a toy away from a child? It is literally like taking candy away from a baby. Yes, kids tablets are very entertaining. And too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

The answer is…we must use our imagination. All of our kids have different temperaments, so only you can tell whether getting a kids tablets will be good for you and them.

So what are 3 disadvantages of too much tablet usage?

  • lack of physical activity
  • temper tantrums when trying to take the tablet away
  • kids fighting over the tablet

Now, lets take a look at 3 of the advantages:

  • accelerated education
  • great for kids with learning disabilities
  • fosters a love of learning

And finally, 3 advantages with you in mind:

  • time to focus on your own activities
  • 3rd party learning aid reduces the need for you to teach
  • a happy child

In our case, we have decided to by our son a kids tablet, and have not looked back…

What is your experience with kids tablets? Is it worth it?

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