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Sakar XO 7 Inch Tablet Review


The Sakar XO 7 inch is a reasonably priced kids wifi tablet. It is built on the Android operating system, and flaunts a cool neon rubber case. This relatively new tablet came out around July 2013 by the worldwide company Sakar. Sakar boasts several electronic and kids brands.

Generally speaking, this tablet has great value for the price. It has decent reviews by parents who purchase this for their kids ages 2-12 years old. It is multilingual and Google Certified. Recently, the tablet was made in French and Italian, as well as the original English and Spanish. This means that your kids can be exposed to different languages.

In addition to being a kids tablet, it can be converted to an adult tablet by taking off the neon rubber case, and eliminating the parental control settings.


  • Over 160 preloaded learning apps and games
  • Preloaded with lots of public domain kids ebooks
  • Awesome screen resolution
  • Fast processor
  • Low cost


  • Can only add up to 3 accounts
  • Must turn the tablets off and on to switch accounts
Sakar XO 7 Inch Tablet

Sakar XO Tablet
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Overall Rating 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Manufacturer Vivitar
Operating System Android

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Review By: Adriana

Adriana is a mother and tech enthusiast from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She blogs about the latest kids tech trends.

Our Sakar XO 7 Inch Tablet Review is a summary of the most important aspects of a tablet. Read the following for our full specs review for the Sakar XO 7 Inch Tablet.

Sakar XO 7 Inch Tablet Features

Educational Apps and Ebooks

The Sakar XO 7 inch tablet thrives on a model of simplicity. Although it is wifi capable, most of the apps that come preloaded out of the box don’t require a wifi connection.

It is preloaded with over 160 educational apps and many public domain books in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. The educational apps that come with the tablet and that can be downloaded are put into 3 simple categories; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Children can pick a difficulty level and text their knowledge. The interface displays a series of interest areas that kids can choose from. After the kids have played a few games, parents can view a chart of their children’s strengths and weaknesses.

Parents have reported that their kids will use this tablet for hours on end. This could partly be due to the fact that it has a great resolution, and it would be hard to beat the crispness of the display.

Ease of Use

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the Sakar kids tablet is the green neon case. It is made of rubber to prevent slippage through kids hands. The case also has a loop at one of the corners that accommodates fingers to hold the tablet. This way, when kids carry it around there is that extra protection from drops. Sakar has recently reinforced the loop and will not easily break.

Parents can create up to 3 accounts. Some with large families might find this limiting, but for a family of 3 children, this is more than enough if parents don’t need an account for themselves.

The only issue with the interface is that you cannot change from one account to another unless you turn the tablets off and on. But if your kids will be using it for a sizeable amount of time, this may not be that big of an issue.

Parental controls are pretty simple; you can choose to allow or disallow internet access for a child. This is not as robust as some of the other tablets that can be set

The Hardware

The Sakar XO is a full android tablet. It has dual cameras, an HDMI port, and a microphone. The tablet screen measures 7 inches, which is small enough to fit comfortably into kids hands without being bulky. Also, due to its smaller size, the screen resolution (1024 x 600 dpi hi-resolution) appears sharp and smooth.

It runs the latest Android Jelly Bean OS and has almost 8 hours of battery life. Some have reported a 6 hour battery life, but this is plenty compared to most other tablets. This tablet is quick with a 1.64GHz dual-core processor.

Not unlike many other kids wifi tablets, the Sakar has a touchscreen and built in speakers. It does not, however, have Bluetooth.


The Sakar is a high performance tablet that can be used by adults as well as kids. Upon initial glance, one might guess that the Sakar is purely a kids tablet. This is likely due to the bright neon green casing. However, adults can take the casing off, and switch to the standard Android interface.

The resolution is excellent. However, when listening to the sound over the speakers when the tablet is in its casing, there is a slight muffling. The silicone casing is for impact protection and is included with almost every kids tablet. The muffling issue seems to be pretty common among them.

Previous kids tablets were notorious for being slow; not a problem with this tablet. This tablet is as fast as any regular adult tablet. This is likely due to yearly advances in processing technology.

In keeping with proper power usage practice, this device turns itself off after periods of inactivity.


This device is among the lower priced kids tablets. Despite its price range, it has excellent performance. It is fast, and the screen resolution is crisp and smooth. Among its best features is the neon green bumper that sports a loop which kids fingers can grab onto to prevent drops.

The app selection has been said to be extensive and very appropriate. Kids can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced educational apps. Parents can track kids progress, and view a chart which shows their kids greatest strengths.

Overall, this tablet is among the best of its kind.

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Hardware Specs

Age Range Family
Connection Wifi and USB
Screen Size 7 Inches
Memory 8 GB
Resolution 1024 x 600
Weight 1 Pound
Battery Life 8 hours

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