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ProntoTec 7 Tablet Review


The ProntoTec 7 tablet is for those who want a cost effective tablet that is sturdy and reliable. Most of its customers are looking for a tablet that they can use to connect with friends and family, browse YouTube, or provide their kids with 100s of hours of enjoyment. It can be purchased for $43 on Amazon!

Awesome features

  • Fast CPU speed
  • 5-point touch screen
  • Worry-free warranty
  • 6 hour battery life
  • Expandable memory with micro SD card slot
  • Runs on the latest Android OS

ProntoTec 7 Tablet

ProntoTec 7 Tablet
Read User Reviews
Overall Rating 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Manufacturer ProntoTec
Operating System Android

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Review By: Adriana

Adriana is a mother and tech enthusiast from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She blogs about the latest kids tech trends.

Our ProntoTec 7 Tablet Review is an overview of the most important aspects of a tablet. We give you our opinion on this tablet as compared to other popular tablets.

Robust CPU

One of the great features of the ProntoTec 7 as compared to 2014 models is the fact that you get more power for a lower cost. This tablet comes equipped with a Cortex A8 1.2 GHz Dual processor. This means that there will be less chugging while running multiple programs.

Very Cost Effective

Perhaps the best part about this tablet is the low cost. If you want a tablet that you can browse the web with, runs a few games on, and connect with friends and family, this one could be for you. The low price of this tablet only means that you can still purchase the newest model next year (2016). And the newest model will even give more value for the price. Moreover, this is a good introductory tablet for your kids.

US Worry-Free Warranty

In case you are worried about the tablet arriving at your door broken or with missing pieces, ProntoTec offers a warranty that will protect you from potential issues. This is not to say that this tablet will likely have issues. In fact, customer reviews have proven this tablet to be super reliable.

Comes with Google Play

As this tablet comes preloaded with Google Play, you can immediately start downloading your favorite apps and games. This is especially nice if you are giving this tablet as a gift. Will Google Play, you have access to thousands of educational games, productivity apps, and utility services.

Compatible with Skype, YouTube and Facebook

Many of ProntoTec’s customers are people who want a simple tablet that they can use to connect with friends and family. This tablet is the perfect choice for this. It is fully compatible with Skype, YouTube, and Facebook.

You can download these apps and use them as with any mobile device. Connect with your kids while they are away, or connect with your buddies on Facebook.

Browsing YouTube is a cinch with this tablet as it has a decent processor. Your download times will be as fast as your Internet connection can handle.

The Verdict

This tablet was made with the thrifty consumer in mind. If that is not you, and you’d like to purchase a more expensive tablet, be sure to check out our higher priced tablet reviews.

However, as mentioned previously, this one offers good value. Be sure to check out Amazon customer reviews here.

As a side note, this review would not be complete unless I pointed out another great 2015 tablet that offers bang for your buck. It is the Dragon Touch Y88X tablet. For just pennies more, you can get this Quad Core 1.2 GHz tablet. It has a slightly better value considering its processor count and 1024X600dpi resolution. It also comes preinstalled with Zoodles, a program that offers several fun games for your kids!

See ProntoTec 7 on Amazon!

Hardware Specs

Age Range 3+ Years Old
Connection Wifi and USB
Screen Size 7 Inches
Resolution 800X480
Processor Dual Core 1.2GHz
Memory 4GB, expandable to 32GB
RAM 512 MB
Battery life 6 hours

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