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Omgar Ultrathin Tablet Review


The Omgar Ultrathin Tablet’s greatest strength is in the number of positive customer reviews. For a $50 tablet, this one seems to be very sturdy as compared to others of its price range. In addition, it has 16GB of storage, which is unheard of for a $50 tablet. The Omgar Ultrathin can be purchased here!

Key Points

  • Cost effective ($50)
  • Plenty of storage (16GB)
  • Good battery life (5 hours)
  • Fast Quad Core processor
  • Ergonomically sized screen (7 inches)
Omgar Ultrathin Tablet

Omgar Ultrathin Tablet
Read User Reviews
Overall Rating 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Manufacturer Omgar
Operating System Android

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Review By: Adriana

Adriana is a mother and tech enthusiast from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She blogs about the latest kids tech trends.

This Omgar Ultrathin Tablet Review is meant as a means for potential customers to decide whether this is a good buy as compared with other tablets of this price range. In this review, I outline the most important features and specs of this tablet to consider before making a purchase.

Quad Core Allwinner A33 Processor

The Omgar Ultrathin tablet sports an Allwinner A33 quad core processor. According to reviews, this tablet is not sluggish and will hold up to usage with multiple processes running at once. Overall, this processor suits most tablet usages.

Other 2015 tablets in this price range also have sturdy processors: The Dragon Touch Y88X tablet. The Dragon Touch Y88X and the PolaTab Elite also have quad core processors running at 1.2GHz. However, it should be noted that while the However, the Omgar Ultrathin and the Dragon Touch have 512MB of RAM, while the PolaTab has 1GB of RAM. This would, in part, account for the higher price point of the PolaTab.

16GB of Storage

The Omgar Ultrathin Tablet has 16GB of storage, which, for a $50 tablet, is virtually unheard of. Most tablets being sold at this price range have a 8Gb storage capacity. Furthermore, the Omgar has an SD card slot to add an additional 32GB to the 16GB capacity. This is definitely one of the Omgar’s strong points.

Robust Warranty

The Omgar Ultrathin tablet has a very robust warranty. Considering that most customers do not run into issues with this tablet, this is still a strong point. It will not take you weeks to get customer service to refund your money or get a replacement tablet. The Omgar company also does frequent updates to the firmware of the tablet.

Access to Google Play, Skype, YouTube, and Facebook

The Omgar comes preinstalled with Google Play, so you can have access to hundreds of apps and games, right out of the box. Many of them are free, while others are paid. However, since this tablet does not run on proprietary software, you will not need to pay an arm and a leg to buy good apps.

Want to connect with friends and family? You can install Skype and Facebook and have instant access to your loved ones via your wifi connection.

While watching YouTube, you can hook with tablet up to external speakers to get the best sound quality possible.

Cost Effective

As this tablet only costs $50, you can get this for the price of a diner for two. This is a great buy for your kids, as you don’t need to worry about them breaking your iPad. Many adults buy this for themselves as this by no means needs to be used by kids only. It saves money, and by the time 2016 rolls around, you can still purchase the newest model.

The Verdict

The Omgar Ultrathin tablet is a great choice for those who want bang for their buck. It has plenty of storage, as compared to others of its price range. It holds up against every other $50 tablet available on Amazon in quality, and even exceeds customer expectations of what a $50 tablet should be.

This tablet is very comparable in value to the very popular Dragon Touch Y88X tablet.

See Omgar Ultrathin on Amazon!

Hardware Specs

Age Range 3+ Years Old
Connection Wifi and USB
Screen Size 7 Inches
Resolution 800X600
Processor Allwinner A33 Quad Core
Memory 16GB
Battery life 5 hours

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