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Nabi Jr Tablet Review


Fuhu has responded to the popularity of its Fuhu Nabi 2 by releasing two tablets alongside the K-6 age demographic of the Fuhu Nabi 2. For the tweens, there is the Fuhu Nabi XD, and if you haven’t checked out our review for it, I highly recomend you do; its another high-featured/great value tablet from FuHu.

Then there is the Fuhu Nabi Jr, 5” its a direct competitor to the LeapFrog 2 Its targeted towards pre-school/toddlers. This little tablet is certainly a tough nugget. It’s main appeal to parents is its durability and equally important; cleanability!

Fuhu claims the little tablet can take a drop from up to 7 feet, and although it might not be bath-tub safe, it is liquid resistant and engineered for the inevitable food stains that little hands bring. The tablet is surounded with a thick rubber bumper, that is grippy, protective and makes it easy for your little one to grab a hold of it.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Great educational software
  • PRICE!


  • Limited storage space for apps
  • Proprietary charger
  • Customer service woes
Nabi Jr Tablet

Nabi Jr Tablet
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Overall Rating 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Manufacturer Fuhu
Operating System Android

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Review By: Benjamin

Benjamin is a father and lover of all things tech. He blogs about kids tablets with his wife Adriana.

Our Fuhu Nabi Jr Review is a summary of the most important aspects of a tablet. Read the following for our full specs review for the Nabi Jr.

Nabi Jr Features

The Fuhu Nabi Jr has a child themed operating system. Its designed to be easy to use, and comes with an assortment of bright colors, happy critters and cooky sounds. Fuhu gives the Apple iPad a nod by streamlining chasis buttons. A big rubberized “home” button and power on/off is easy and intuitive for a child.

Wings System

The Wings system is a structured educational system that FuHu designed. Its fleshed out around reading, math and writing; and comes pre-loaded with thousands of lessons, covering 1500 core concepts.

All the learning applications are designed with a recognizable gaming theme, as your child progresses through the games, they unlock coins and rewards that can be exchanged in the Nabi “treasure box” for more educational apps/games. Its a really clever design, as your child gains access to the unlockables and beats the games levels, they are are enticed to keep progressing and learning.

N-Site reports and Computer software

It’s designed to be adaptive for each child, and can be adjusted to match your child aptitudes. You can track and view your child progress, grades, and potential trouble areas with the PC and Mac software.

The nifty bit, is that you can do all this in realtime; which opens up the possibilities of the child using the Fuhu Nabi Jr while Mom (or Dad) does work on the home computer simultaneously.

Expandability and Mommy-Mode

Even though i am a daddy, one of my personal favorite aspects of the Nabi 2 is it’s “Mommy-Mode”. The Fuhu Nabi-Jr incorporates this as well. A tap of a button and a password turns the wifi kids tablet into a fully-functional android tablet, useful for un-restricted surfing, e-mail and the like.

This also opens up the google-play store and Amazon app-store, which opens up all alot of possibilities for the device.

Thats all fine and dandy; however the Fuhu Nabi Jr. is a 5 inch tablet for kids, and at it’s low price-point it doesn’t have the horsepower your might need for some of your personal favorite apps and games; but don’t get me wrong, that’s not really a negative; thats what the Apple ipad or Nexus 7 is for!


The Fuhu-Nabi Jr 5 inch is a great first device for a child. It’s priced very well, its durable, heavy featured, and the pre-loaded educational software is great. Its expandability and side-load capabilities give the device alot of potential.

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Hardware Specs

Age Range 4-9 Years Old
Connection Wifi and USB
Screen Size 5 Inches
Screen Type Backlit LCD Touch Screen
Memory 4GB
Weight 3.2 Pounds

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