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Nabi XD Tablet Review


The Fuhu Nabi XD 10.1 Inch tablet is a fully-featured tablet and notebook for tweens. It is the latest in the Fuhu Nabi series. It combines the power of a regular tablet with the benefit of a much lower price than the iPad.

It is suitable for homework as well as gaming. This powerful Quad-Core tablet allows for high-definition gaming and gives access to the 1,000’s of apps and games available at the Nabi app store. It comes preloaded with essential apps for spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

With its high quality graphics, it makes for an awesome entertainment device. Your tweens will also be more motivated to use it for educational purposes. It has a capacitive touch screen for supreme interactivity. The silicone keyboard and trackpad can be purchased as accessories.

This wifi device is also uses Bluetooth technology so that you can easily connect it with cell phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

And the best part about the Fuhu Nabi XD is that it is also suitable for adults!


  • Age-appropriate games and educational apps
  • Awesome quality graphics
  • Sleek design
  • Powerful processor and plenty of memory


  • No rubber corners to prevent drop damage
  • Proprietary charging port
Nabi XD Tablet

Nabi XD Tablet
Read User Reviews
Overall Rating 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Manufacturer Fuhu
Operating System Android

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Review By: Benjamin

Benjamin is a father and lover of all things tech. He blogs about kids tablets with his wife Adriana.

Our Fuhu Nabi XD Review is a summary of the most important aspects of a tablet. Read the following for our full specs review for the Nabi XD.

Nabi XD Features

Beautiful Style

The Fuhu Nabi XD has beautiful, flared corner for extra style. It has an aluminum casing which gives it a modern look and adult style. It was also specifically designed to be light for its size. It boasts a light weight of 3.3 pounds, which is very light for a 10 Inch tablet.

High Quality Graphics

This tablet has a high definition touch display suitable for your tween’s gaming enjoyment and interactive learning. The high quality textures on this device are realistic and detailed. Its motion blur effects are also a fun little feature.

With this device, you can capture high quality pictures and videos. There is a front facing camera (2.0 MP) as well as a rear facing one (5.0 MP). Your kids will surely make good use of them when using Skype, or any one of the cool photo editing programs available through the Fuhu app store.

The display on this tablet is relatively brighter than most other tablets its its price range.

Silicone Keyboard and Trackpad

A keyboard and trackpad can be attached to this device. In 2014, the new ‘Pad-Folio’ will provide a new richness to the Nabi XD experience. The Pad-Folio keyboard, with its silicone cover and cherry-red keys are an interesting addition to the Fuhu Nabi XD. The keyboard sounds like any traditional keyboard, with crispy button presses. This will transform your Nabi XD into a true notebook with an interesting feel.

Battery Life

The battery life has been tested to last for about 10 hours while browsing the web. Your kids can bring this tablet to school and connect with the school’s wifi or sync with a Bluetooth enabled device without having to find a socket to plug it into every time they want to use it.

Software and Apps

Apart from downloading apps from Nabi’s app store, the Nabi XD comes with a suite of pre-installed apps that can be used for gaming and homework. These apps are designed specifically for kids in the age range of 12-15, but can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, depending on preferences.

Nabi’s trademark app store, the Nabi App Zone, provides access to over 400 games and educational apps for kids to download. It also gives access to Google Play for further app possibilities.

When kids want to do their homework, they can use the Polaris Office suite to make presentations, text documents, and spreadsheets. These can then be saved as Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, and transferred to Google Docs, or a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Your kids will also have access to the Kno webstore where they can browse over 100,000 educational textbooks by category.

As with any other tablet or portable device, one of the basic luxuries is to play music and watch videos. With the Nabi Sync app, users can transfer their music, photos and videos to any Mac or PC.

Also, in response to the growing popularity of Google Chrome, Google+, and Skype, users will benefit from pre-installed apps that allow them to use these easily and without additional downloads.

Parental Control

Perhaps one of the best features of this tablet is the fact that parents can control at what times in the day kids can use their installed apps. Considering the amount of time that is usually spent by anyone on the internet or with games, this feature can be a god send to enhance productivity. Games can all be hidden while your kids study.


The Nabi XD has already established itself as one of the top Android Tablets for tweens. Its graphics quality is excellent for a reasonably priced tablet. Its pre-installed apps and the Nabi app store are excellent for kids who want to learn and play games, and are as entertaining as their are age appropriate.

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Hardware Specs

Age Range 11-15 Years Old
Connection Wifi and USB
Screen Size 10.1 Inches
Screen Type Backlit LCD Touch Screen
Memory 16GB
Weight 3.3 Pounds

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