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Love Your Kids With Passion!

There are times in everyone’s day where they feel disassociated with reality and we just want to curl up into a ball. This is especially true you we have kids. Much of our day is spent thinking about what we must do next to make our kids feel comfortable. Amidst all of the ruckus, we tend to forget what is most important in our lives just to deal with our own minds.

Many experts will say that it is important to make a list of things we are thankful for. As you might have guessed, most people’s lists get filled up quickly with family and friends. However, I’m sure we all know what we are grateful for…

Gratefulness is a source of comfort for many people, but it does not teach us how to open up and live a genuine life. This requires much meditation and experience. In fact, it is the pain we experience in life that bring us closer to God. And not just any pain; the kind of pain that forces us to change when no other alternative is possible.

To relish these moments of insanity helps us to conquer our fears. I don’t mean that we ought to simply make pain happen. I mean that letting it happen and viewing it in a positive light is crucial to our well being.

The practice of meditation allows us to eventually have moments of clarity that teach us how to live and interpret our experiences. It teaches us that all human beings are teachers, and that they are experiencing as many difficulties as we are. We learn to overcome pain by realizing what it is taught us in the grand scheme of things.

To overcome the fear of pain allows us to love our children, not just unconditionally, but with great passion! The best way to achieve passion in the midst of turmoil is to practice thoughtful meditation.

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