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LeapPad Ultra VS Nabi 2 Kids Tablet

Leappad Ultra vs Nabi 2

The LeapPad Ultra has gone down in price since 2013. While it used to cost $150, it is now at around $128 on Amazon. The Nabi 2 tablet still costs around $175, down only $5 from last year. Both tablets have very similar specs, but there are a few important differences. In this review, we will point out the most pertinent differences and similarities so that you can make the best decision for you.

Screen Resolution

Both tablets have a 1024 x 600 dpi 7 inch screen. This resolution is pretty common for a 7 inch screen, so it is not surprising that both the LeapPad Ultra and the Nabi 2 are the same. With this resolution, you will not see graininess, and graphics will be smooth and crisp.


The Nabi 2 has a quad core processor, while the LeapPad has a mere 1 GHz processor. While the LeapPad processor is a bit slower than the Nabi 2, it is not by much. The Nabi 2 sports a 1.3 GHz Tergra 3 processor. Nevertheless, both are fast enough to not be sluggish..

Educational Apps

Both the LeapPad and the Nabi 2 feature 100’s of educational apps and games. The biggest difference is that while LeapFrog has its own app store, you will get Nabi 2’s apps from the Google Play store.

So which is best, The LeapFrog app store, or Google Play? While the LeapPad’s app prices are a bit more expensive, costing around $5-$10 per app, Google Play has apps costing as little as. However, if your kids like Disney, LeapFrog has added many Disney related apps to their app store for download.

It can be said that if you like Google Play, the Nabi 2 might be for you. But the LeapPad Ultra gives access to 800+ apps and games that are specifically tailored to your child’s age range through the LeapFrog app store. In fact, this app store is award winning.

Both tablets come preloaded with many useful apps, games, and ebooks.

LeapPad Ultra’s Preloaded Apps

– Art Studio Ultra App
– Photo Fun Ultra App
– Pet Pad Party App
– Pet Chat App
– MP3 Player
– Calculator
– Note Pad
– Calendar
– Voice Memo
– Clock with Stopwatch

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Wifi connection

While both tablets can connect to wifi, the LeapPad Ultra cannot access from public wifi spots. So if you want to connect to a Starbucks wifi access point, you will not be able to. This is due to the fact that the terms and conditions pages for public access are not visible, so there is never a chance to be connected.

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Battery Life

Both tablets have a battery life of around 8-9 hours. This is among the longest in battery life that we have reported so far from the tablets we have reviewed. There are others like this, while some have only 2 hours of battery life.


Both tablets come with 8GB of storage, which is common among kids tablets of this price range. However, the Nabi 2 comes with a microSD card slot to add an extra 32GB of expandable memory.

The Verdict

Although both tablets are comparable in price, the Nabi 2 has some slight advantages over the LeapPad. At least in terms of hardware…

Namely, it has expandable memory, and a quad core processor. This means that the Nabi 2 is faster, and can hold more apps and games.

Not surprisingly, you can find the Nabi 2 at a more expensive price point than the LeapPad on Amazon.

But the LeapPad Ultra has award winning software available through the LeapFrog app store. The LeapFrog is slightly more popular than the Nabi 2 for thanks to its software, and it is $45 cheaper. Our personal favorite tablet is the LeapPad Ultra for its software and being quite comparable in other aspects to the Nabi 2.

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