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LeapPad Ultra VS Kindle Fire

Leappad Ultra vs Kindle Fire

Review By: Adriana
Posted on May 13th, 2014


With all of the options for kids wifi tablets nowadays, it is difficult to make a meaningful decision without backtracking and thinking that you have made the wrong choice. This website will help you make this decision.

The LeapPad Ultra and the Kindle Fire are two of the most popular kids wifi tablets. In this review, I will be hammering out the differences and why you might choose one over the other.

First, lets take a look at them individually…

LeapPad Ultra

The LeapPad Ultra is a 7 inch tablet around the $150 range. This is priced as any average tablet would be. It is aimed at kids between the ages of 3 to 9 years old. And with its durable rubber bumper, you can be assured that it is as protected from drops as it could be.

The LeapPad Ultra is a refinement of the LeapPad 2. SInce the launch if the Ultra, many more educational apps have been added to the LeapPad app store. This app store is rather ‘boutiquy’, featuring its own suite of 800+ learning games.

Parents may be surprised at the cost of these apps, as they do not come cheap. They can sell for as much as $15, while other tablet manufacturers sell apps that are around $0.99 to $5. And with a child’s attention span, the price of buying these apps over and over again does add up.

The LeapFrog Learning Plan can be installed on your computer to allow you to download apps and track your child’s progress in their educational games.

The LeapPad Ultra has a Virtual Pet system to allows kids to learn to take care of their own favorite animals wherever they are. But as a word of caution; make sure to back up this tablet on a regular basis, as your virtual pet might get erased via software updates.

The tablet sports a browser called Zui, which limits the content that kids can view on the internet.
The content kids can access is handpicked by LeapPad. If you would like to test this browser, you can do it here ⇒

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is truly in a class in and of itself. It costs only $10 more than the LeapPad Ultra, but its hardware is much more impressive. The performance of this tablet is second to none for its price category.

This tablet does not have a protective bumper. This is because it caters to all ages, from 3 years old to adult. The fact that it does not have a protective bumper is a bit concerning, but the tablet makes up for this in the amount of money spent on apps, as it is much cheaper to buy apps from Amazon than it is to buy LeapPad’s proprietary apps.

This tablet comes with the FreeTime Unlimited app that allows you to add parental controls. With this app, you can download any of the 10,000 apps, ebooks, or videos tailored specifically for kids.


As you can see, both tablets have much to offer, but when it comes down to choosing one over the other, the Kindle Fire wins.

The Kindle Fire only costs $10 more than the LeapPad Ultra, but its performance is much more stable. While the Ultra only has a 800 MHz processor, the Kindle Fire has a 1.5 Dual Core processor. And not only is the Kindle Fire resolution better, it comes with 16GB of storage at minimum, while the LeapPad Ultra only comes with 8GB of storage. Moreover, the Kindle Fire battery lasts 11 hours, while its nemesis’ battery lasts 9 hours.
The only thing that the Kindle Fire lacks is a camera.

In addition, the Kindle Fire gives access to 10,000 ebooks, games, and apps for kids. But the LeapPad proprietary app store only has 800+ apps.

The Verdict

If you do not feel that your child will drop their tablet, the Kindle Fire could be your answer. As previously stated, the hardware is much better, the performance is faster, the graphics are crisper, and there is more storage.

The extra $10 you would spend on a Kindle Fire is also justified by the fact that it only costs $2.99/month for the FreeTime Unlimited app. LeapPad charges upwards of $15 for each app cartridge.

If you don’t own your own tablet, and wish to have one, the Kindle Fire is for all ages. No more need to hide your kids tablet in public places…

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