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Kurio 10s Tablet VS Google Nexus 7 Inch Tablet

Kurio 10S VS Nexus 7 Inch Tablet

This is a comparison review for 2 high end family tablets: the Kurio 10s tablet and the Google Nexus 7 Inch tablet. I’ve decided to compare these 2 tablets because they are higher in price than most kids tablets and both are great but in different ways. Read on to see the differences…

The Price

The tablet hardware specs usually vary based on how much money you are willing to spend. If you want to buy the Kurio 10s or the Google Nexus, you must be willing to pay around $160 or more. These tablets are $50-$100 more than your usual family tablet, but $100’s less than most adult tablets.

To be fair, the Google Nexus 7 Inch is the most viable as an adult tablet, and can double easily as both. The Kurio 10s was designed specifically for kids, and has proprietary kids apps. But both have specs that are similar to higher priced adult tablets.

Cost of the Kurio 10s: The only online retailer that sells the Kurio 10S and it is sold for around $160

Cost of the Google Nexus 7 Inch: You can buy this on Amazon for around $220

The Hardware

The hardware for these two tablets are fairly high quality. You definitely get what you pay for with these higher priced tablets.

Processing Power and Screen Resolution

Both tablets have a Quad Core processor. Most kids tablets have a single or dual core, and are much slower. Both tablets load apps quickly and run smoothly. However, of the two tablets, the Kurio 10S tablet is slightly slower than the Google Nexus.

The screen resolution on both tablets are high quality, but the Google Nexus screen is the sharpest. The Kurio 10S has a 1280 x 800 dpi resolution, while the Nexus has a 1920 x 1200 dpi screen. In addition to the lower resolution, the Kurio 10S has a 10.1 inch screen while the Nexus screen measures 7 inches. The 10.1 inches disperses the pixels over a wider area, and is therefore less in quality.

The Chassis

A major difference to be considered between the two tablets is their weight. For kids, weight is important since the heavier the tablet, the more often it is dropped.

The Kurio 10S weighs 3.5 pounds, while the Nexus weighs 0.64 pounds. Moreover, the Nexus is small enough to fit into your pocket and comfortably into a child’s hands. Although the Kurio is made for kids, the Nexus wins when it comes to ergonomics.

However, the Kurio 10S has a protective silicone bumper, while the Nexus doesn’t. The bumper is meant to help prevent damage when the tablet is dropped. It would be worthwhile to purchase a bumper for the Nexus if your get one.

The Battery Life

Both tablets have a long battery life, but the Nexus wins once again in this area. The Kurio 10S lasts for 7 hours through internet browsing, while the Nexus lasts about 9 hours during continuous video play and 10 hours while browsing the web.

The Software

Of the two tablets, the Google Nexus is the most adult tablet, but still caters to kids. The main difference is that the apps for the Nexus come from Google Play, but the Kurio 10S apps are proprietary and are made specially for kids. Google Play has kids apps but it also has thousands more for all ages.

Both tablets run on the Android interface. The Android operating system usually gives direct access to Google Play, but the Kurio 10S version does not give Google Play access. However, it does come preloaded with more than 60 educational apps and games, including the popular Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. You may download other apps from the Kurio app store. And, Netflix is available to be installed on the Kurio.

On the other hand, the Google Nexus 7 Inch gives direct access to Google Play with its thousands of apps, ebooks, and songs for you to download.

Parental Controls

As with most kids tablets, parents have some control over the apps that their kids can use. The Kurio 10S being built specifically for kids, gives more parents more control. Parents can choose the apps to allow or disallow on a child’s account, as well as set a time limit for each and use various levels or web filters.

The Google Nexus does not give the same amount of control, but it can limit web browsing. You can still limit the apps that are made available but it is not as robust when it comes to further controls.

The Verdict

As you can see, the specs on both these tablets are of the higher end variety, but the Google Nexus has more processing power and better screen resolution.

The Kurio 10S is a bit sluggish compared to the Google Nexus 7 Inch tablet but still runs smoothly as compared to most kids tablets.

Besides the fact that it costs about $100 less, what is great about the Kurio is the fact although you can’t install Google Play, you can download apps from the Kurio store that are made specifically for kids. And it comes preloaded with over 60 educational apps so you don’t need to purchase any right away. Considering the fact that apps can range between $5-$10, this is a no brainer.

But if you are interested in a tablet for the whole family, and really want the luxury of a more adult tablet, the Google Nexus still has kids apps available on Google Play. And, if you like a smaller and lighter tablet, the Nexus is the way to go.

Now you have what you need to know to make a decision based on what you feel is most important to you.

Spec Comparison

Kurio 10S Google Nexus 7 Inch
Processor Quad Core Quad Core
Resolution 1280 x 800 1920 x 1200
Battery Life 7 hours 9-10 hours
Screen Size 10.1 inches 7 inches
Interface Android Android
App source Kurio app store Google Play
Weight 3.5 pounds 0.64 pounds
Cost $160 $220

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