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Kids Tablets VS iPad Mini

Are you thinking of purchasing a kids wifi tablet but also want one for yourself? Maybe you are wondering whether it is worth the investment to purchase two tablets. If you are purchasing just one, the question becomes a double edged sword… You can either purchase a kids tablet and use it on the parental setting, or you want an adult tablet and let your kids use it.

Here is my 2 cents worth…

Ultimately, the question is a matter of weighing out the pros and cons. Most may seem obvious, but it is worth really thinking about because once you purchase one, there is no turning back.

Buying a Kids Wifi Tablet

First lets consider the option of buying a kids tablet instead of an iPad Mini. Obviously, and iPad Mini would be just as small as a kids tablet, but has better specs such as higher quality graphics and faster processing power.

But buying a kids tablet can be beneficial for 2 reasons:


Most kids wifi tablets are within the $100-$250 range. At the time of this writing, the iPad mini costs about $350. For some, this is not a substantial amount more than a kids tablet. However, kids will undoubtedly drop it at some point, and the screen might break. Most kids tablets have a rubber bumper that help prevent damage from drops.

The Educational Apps

Kids tablets have access to an assortment of educational apps, right out of the box. They are specifically tailored for tracking kids learning, and parents can view their kids progress through the game completion tracking software that is part of the tablet’s operating system. Kids can browse through the tablet’s app store and request their favorites for their parents to either accept or deny. They also come preloaded with educational software, eBooks, and videos. With an iPad Mini, these games would need to be purchased.

Buying an iPad Mini

You are also imagining that by buying an iPad Mini, you will be saving money by having a fully functional tablet for yourself that you can let your kids use under your supervision.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Are your kids are old enough that they are able to use the iPad Mini with its more advanced operating system?
2. Can you find a good resource for educational apps with the iPad Mini?
3. Can you handle the cost of returning a broken iPad if your kids smash the screen?

The answers are not straightforward… and the question is slightly annoying. You want your kids to have fun playing with your iPad Mini, but you don’t know if they will break it or even enjoy it.


Now you have read my train of thought on this matter. It is up to you to decide what you think is best. In my case, I have purchased both a kids tablet for my son, as well as an iPad Mini for myself and my husband. In the end, I wanted the best of both worlds.

Feel free to reply to this post with your own opinion…

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