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Innotab 2s VS Innotab 3s

Innotab 2s VS Innotab 3s

Review By: Adriana
Posted on May 20th, 2014


Innotab has released various versions of their kids wifi tablet over the past couple of years. These include the Innotab 2, 2S, 3, and 3S. You likely understand that the latest models of most devices are better and more powerful than the earlier versions. But you may still be interested in understanding the difference between two of the latest versions: the Innotab 2S and the Innotab 3S.

The main reason why people buy earlier versions of the same tablet is the cost, as older models are priced down. In fact, at the time of this writing, the Innotab 2S is about $30 less than the Innotab 3S. But does the cost justify its purchase?

As always, I leave it up to you to decide if a tablet is worth your investment; I simply give you my opinion and tell you what I would do based on the facts. I will go over the similarities, as well as the differences…


First, lets take a look at the similarities.

Both are 5 inch wifi tablets. In fact, the Innotab 2S had been downgraded to a 4.3 inch tablet with the Innotab 3. But with the 3S, Innotab has decided that 5 inches was offered a better user experience.

They are both geared towards kids that are 3-9 years old. They both have a rotating camera, so kids can have fun taking videos of themselves and friends.

As with most kids tablets, they have rounded rubber corners that help prevent bumps from drops.

The mainstay of kids tablets is the access to educational apps and games through the proprietary online app store. Both download apps from the same location, and include learning experiences for math, logic, social sciences, reading, and writing.


The two tablets have all of the basic controls and aptitudes as any good kids tablet. But there are differences in extra features and performance to seriously consider.

The Hardware

Perhaps the biggest deciding factor in choosing one tablet over the other is the fact that the Innotab 3S has a rechargeable battery. This is commonplace with most recent kids tablets. Having a tablet that your kids can take wherever they go is, to me, worth the extra $30.

Generally speaking, the Innotab 3S has better processing power and better graphics. The Innotab 2S has been reported to be a bit sluggish, and it has a slow wifi connection.

An important factor in all of this is that the Innotab 2S comes with only 2GB of internal storage, but the Innotab 3S comes with 4GB. As storage can be used up quickly, this is another important factor. The upside to this is that it can be expanded to 32GB, but this requires the purchase of a microSD card.

And finally, the audio on the Innotab 3S is superior, not omly to the 2S, but to many kids tablets of this price range. The bass is said to be of great quality, and does not cause any artifact noises.

Another great feature with the Innotab 3S is the stylus that comes with it. Kids can practice their drawing without using unneeded paper. This comes with a drawing app that enhances their artistic abilities.

Another plus side to the Innotab 3S is that it weighs only 2.1 pounds, while the 2S weighs 3.2 pounds. This will make a difference when you see your kids trying to carry around their tablet.

The Software

Now that I have covered the hardware of these tablet, I will move onto the software. I you have seen, the Innotab 3S is superior in terms of performance. This is also true of the preloaded apps.

First of all, the Innotab 3S provides for tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication. This is great considering that you might want to keep in touch with your kids wherever you are. And now, your kids can communicate with their friends if they have a mobile or tablet device.

The Innotab 3S has a D-Pad game control to make video games more interactive.

And as for the camera, get ready for the WonderCam app! It allows kids to add 50+ photo effects to the pictures they take with the tablet’s camera. They can morph faces into funny caricatures, and put frames around their photos.

The Progress Lodge is a new app that will allow parents to monitor their kids progress through their learning apps, and track which subjects they have the most aptitude with.

The parental controls are similar to the high end kids tablets, which allow them to limit usage of certain apps based on the account the kids are logged into.

The Verdict

As you can see, the Innotab 3S is superior in every way. It is faster, with more internal storage and better graphics. And most importantly, it has a rechargeable battery. It is difficult for us to remember a time when a tablet would need to be plugged in to make it work, such as with the Innotab 2S.

The software on the Innotab 3S includes special effects for photos, and allows for direct communication between devices.

The Innotab 3S is the clear winner, only costing an extra $30!

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