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How To Set Up A Kids Tablet

Review By: Adriana
Posted on June 12th, 2014


Android is an operating system much like the iOS, and is used worldwide by many major brands of tablets and smartphones. As this review site is about kids wifi tablets, and most kids tablets are based on Android, we thought we would give you the basics for how to set up a kids android tablet.

Keep in mind that this is very rudimentary, so if you’ve already set up your kids tablet, you likely don’t need this beginner’s tutorial. However, if you just bought a kids tablet, or are thinking of buying one, this handy guide might be useful to you.

#1: Connecting to a Wireless Network

As your kids tablet is only useful if you can install learning apps on it, it is important that you connect to the internet so that you may download these apps. Also, you may want your kids (or even yourself) to have the ability to browse the Internet on their tablet.

On the tablet, browse to the Settings module on your screen. Once your settings module is open, you will see the Wifi settings in the list. Flip it to ‘on’ and find your network on the list of available networks. Select this network, and enter the network password.

Your tablet should now be connected to the Internet!

#2: Create a Google Account

Most kids tablets give access to Google Play, from which you can download any number of educational apps and games. You may even find apps for yourself and use it on your kids tablet!

In order to access Google Play, you first need to create a Google Account. Under Settings, select the Account option and then + Add. You can then select the option to add your Google account.

#3: Create and Optimize Your Kids’ Accounts

Once you have completed your own account, you may add an account for each of your kids. Keep in mind that some kids tablets have a limit on how many accounts you can create.

Now, if your kids tablet came with parental controls, you can now set a time limit on the usage of the pre-installed apps for each of your kids.

The Final Touches

Now, you’ve added your kids accounts and optimized them for each child. In the future, you will want to keep adding some more apps to the tablet to keep your kids learning more. Most kids tablets come preloaded with direct access to Google Play where you can search for and download apps for free or for a fee.

In addition to Google apps, some kids tablet makers have their own proprietary apps available for download in their own app store. A prime example would be Leapfrog. Take a look at our LeapPad Ultra Tablet Review for more details.

If you have specific questions you’d like to ask about using our kids tablet, please leave a comment below…

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