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How To Manage Free Time When You Have A Baby

Review By: Adriana
Posted on June 2nd, 2014


If you have recently entered the world of parenthood, you suddenly realise that you are not going to have a lot of free time on your hands to enjoy your hobbies. But having relaxation time is very important, especially when you are pressed for time! This is why you must learn how to manage free time when you have a baby.

So this is it. You’ve had, or will have your baby, and you are now wondering how the free time that you have left will be allocated. The answer is simpler than you may think. Let’s do a little bit of mental imagery…

Finding Out What You Want To Do

1. Get rid of all distractions so that you can properly execute this exercise.

2. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself being carried away to a foreign land. There is nobody around you, and no distractions.

3. You can choose to do anything you wish by yourself, or with another person. What do you choose?

Whatever this activity is, make sure that it is relaxing. I would not suggest a simple nap or watching TV. Pick something that will put you into a ‘flow’. This is anything that is engaging, yet does not require too much effort. It can be something like reading, playing video games, knitting, or a combination of things.

Just pick something and decided that you will set aside some ME time…

How To Make Free Time

Ultimately, you will decide how you will make free time for yourself. Let the relaxation that you feel when you imagine your favorite activity be your guide to finding free time. As the saying goes, “you bring about what you think about”.

If you know what you want to do with your free time, you will find the time to do it. You will not be able to find the time in your hectic day if you don’t have a clear vision of what it is that you want to be doing.

Ask your loved ones or friends to help you find this free time, as it always helps if you have someone vouching for you.

And remember, whatever you choose to do in your free time, make sure to include someone special who understand you as part of your daily routine.

Do you have any tips that you’d like to share about managing free time. Please respond in the box below…

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