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How A Child Learns To Read

Review By: Adriana
Posted on May 29th, 2014


How a child learns to read can be seen in every moment of a young child’s life. Is it any wonder that kids can learn thousands of words without any point of reference other than random sounds and movements. At a certain point in a child’s life, they will be learning a word every 2 hours!

By the age of 3, kids are able to understand conversational speech. As they watch and touch their parent’s mouth, they are making those highly fluid connections. This is why the act of storytelling is so important at that age. Kids learn by playing and having fun.

As this site is about kids wifi tablets, I will tell you how you can use a tablet to accelerate your kids’ reading skills.

Letter Matching

Kids learn their alphabet by letter matching with sounds. Kids tablets all come with games that help kids do this. Since they are fun and interactive, this will give your kids a head start when they are in school.

What a better way to start the year… Being ahead of the game now, and perhaps even throughout the years!

Read Along apps

Most kids tablets are suitable for 3 year olds and up. They come preloaded with ebooks that your kids can read along to. Most come with educational games that give rewards in exchange for completing lessons, such as coins to buy new apps from Google Play.

This can save you a lot of time and effort. Although you should still read to your children, lets face it, you have housework to do, and you can’t always be there all at once.

Read Along apps read from ebooks featuring popular cartoon characters such as Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Some have Disney themed cartoons. This will give the tablet an air of familiarity.

Listening to Music

Kids also learn by moving and following direction. This is called kinesthetic learning, and all kids learn in this way. On a kids tablet, you can download apps that foster physical activity in young children.

You may be wondering how an electronic device can help you kids be more active…

Its obvious that kids have a lot of energy and constantly want to play. But do they even know this? What happens when the energy runs out? It is good to keep kids in the mindset of staying physical and playing sports from an early age.

Look for apps that are sports oriented.


By the time your kids are 9 years old, they will be reading about 100 words per minute. With the problem of literacy in this day in age, are we prepared to let our kids be taught by simply going to school? Have parents forgotten that they must teach kids when they are still toddlers?

It may surprise you that they do forget how much effort needs to be out into this task.

To make things easier, it is wise to invest in a kids tablet that will accelerate their learning, and keep them motivated to learn on their own.

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