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Educational LeapFrog Apps

With every passing year there seems to be more and more apps being released on every platform. The kids market is no exception; there are a lot of apps available for kids and parents to choose from. One company stands above the rest, LeapFrog. They are one of industry pioneers and have been around since the beginning. They know what kids, parents and educators want.

Recently they released the new LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra a 7 tablet, with a WiFi radio and a child safe browser for when they’re ready for the web.

The apps for the devices is broken down by age groups. Educators are involved in the entire development process to ensure that the apps are not only fun for kids, but use time proven methods of early childhood education. LeapFrog prepares your child with the nesicary skills they need before they start school and continues to grow with them throughrout the grade years.

Every child is different, LeapFrog as a company knows and embraces this. The apps are developed intelligently; and adjust (in difficulty) depending on the individual child. Every app touches on at least two subjects, which develops critical thinking and practical knowledge of both. This allows the child to apply what they learn to the real world.

Paring fun with education and involving childhood educators allows LeapFrog LeapPad apps to focus on ealry studies, such as math, reading, writing, shapes, colors, science, and social studies.

Ages 3-5

Letter Factory

Letter Factory features the LeapFrog characters Lilly and Tad in and adventure through the alphabet. They learn writing skills, letter sounds and how changing just one letter completely changes the meaning of a word. This app is suitable for a younger child between the ages of 3 to 5 years old.

Crayola Art

Crayola Art helps your kids through a series of mazes with various shapes and colors. This is meant to enhance their spacial skills. And if you have read anything in educational literature, you probably know that spatial skills in one area can awaken many areas of ability.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Of course, no educational program would be complete without a foray into mathematical reasoning and logic. This is age appropriate, teaching the basics, such as the shape of numbers so that they can be well prepared when starting elementary school.

Ages 4-7

By the time your kids have completed the first set of games in the previous section, they will be ready to move onto higher forms of knowledge, such as social sciences and map skills, as well as the more advanced writing and math skills.

The Transformers

With the Transformers app, kids have a chance to learn maps, earth science, and careers. They are taken through a series of adventures in which they deal with firemen, policemen, terrain, and even nutrition.

Penguins of Madagascar

At this point, your kids can now count and recognize the shape of numbers. This is where the Penguins of Madagascar comes in. Now, your kids will learn to add and subtract and solve logic problems using shapes.


It is now time for round 2 of the reading education. Your kids will now learn to read whole sentences. The app will read along with your kids, or simple allow your kids to read by themselves.

Ages 5-9

Math with Tinker Bell

Your kids will explore 8 islands as they add, subtract, and multiply. This is their chance to learn their multiplication tables while having loads of fun. Kids will also solve simple algebraic problems to start them off the right way.

Reading with Sponge Bob

Now that your kids can read, they are ready to start working on their reading comprehension. Kids are exposed to multitudes of interesting ebooks while they work on their situational awareness.

Social Studies with Ben

Kids are taken on an adventure through 5 different locations around the globe. During their trip, they learn map skills while listening to animal sounds associated with the various locations.


As you can see, LeapFrog has gone out of its way to provide age appropriate apps and games for kids ages 3 to 9 years old. They do not pretend to appeal to all ages, as some of the other tablet companies do.

Note: There are many more apps made by LeapFrog, and the previous list is not exhaustive.

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