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Educational Android Games

Review By: Benjamin
Posted on May 25th, 2014
My rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)


Many parents who have a smartphone are opting to go with a droid tablet for their children instead of a dedicated educational tablet. Many kids tablet manufacturers offer their own suite of apps and games, but they tend to be costly at about $5-$15 a pop.

Most kids tablets run on Android, and most are capable of accessing the Amazon app store. From there, many educational kids apps can be purchased for as little as $0.99. the Amazon app store also gives access to many more kids apps than are available at any of the proprietary app stores.

If you are on a tablet, you can download any of the following apps and install them directly to your tablet. When you go to any app page on Amazon, you will see whether it is compatible with your device on the top right corner of the page (assuming you are on your device).

The following is a list of the most popular Android apps sold on Amazon. Each is suitable for kids, and have basic to more advanced learning module. I have listed them based on age-appropriateness.

Kids ABC Phonics (Age 3)

This app is a bubble popping game where kids must match a phonetic sound to the letters displayed. This is appropriate for kids who are beginning their transition into literacy and are learning the basic alphabet.

Wheels on the Bus (Age 3)

This is a simple and fun game for kids ages 3-4 years old. It features the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ song while kids drive a bus. Kids find this entertaining as they pretend they are letting kids on a bus and making the wipers move back and forth.

Starfall Learn to Read (Age 4)

Beginning at age 4, if your kids already know the alphabet, they can begin learning the basics on reading with this app. It features 15 books, which the app reads out loud while kids follow along.

Kids Numbers and Math (Age 6)

Why not make math fun with this engaging math game. Using a voice-over to help kids along, this app teaches kids to count, as well add and subtract.

Fruit Ninja (Age 7)

This game is a classic favorite among kids. As the name suggests, it is a game of quick reaction and fruity graphics. Kids must slice fruit that get tossed at them before they hit the ground. The graphics in this game are simple and elegant, making it just as much fun for adults to play.

Angry Birds (Age 7+)

Another classic among all ages, this game is addictive as well as challenging. This game has been downloaded many times over and has been around for years. This game is about birds’ revenge against the pigs who stole their eggs. It requires imagination and forward thinking as the birds systematically destruct the pigs’ lair in a series of increasingly difficult challenges.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition (Age 8+)

This game is popular among gamers, and requires imagination and a taste for adventure. Players are stranded in the middle of a mysterious world with no buildings or other people. They must build a shelter using simple blocks to protect themselves against the enemies.

Plants VS Zombies (Age 10+)

In this game, players must protect their house against zombie attacks. The zombies are humorous and zany… simply a fun game that anyone who has ever enjoyed the Sims the love.

If you have a favorite educational app for your kids, and would like me to add it to my list, please share in reply to this post…

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