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Dragon Touch 7 Tablet Review


This Dragon Touch 7 tablet review is a summary of its specs and user experiences. It is meant to aid those who are trying to make a decision as to whether to buy this tablet.

First, I would like to point out that this tablet costs only $58 on Amazon. There are many tablets for this price, mostly for kids. With these tablets, the quality factor is hit or miss. Most of them are decent enough that one can get a few months to a couple of years out of them. But the Dragon Touch is a different story…


  • High graphics resolution
  • 3D gaming graphics card
  • Access to Google Play


  • None
Dragon Touch 7 Tablet

Dragon Touch 7 Tablet
Read User Reviews
Overall Rating 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Manufacturer Tablet Express
Operating System Android

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Review By: Adriana

Adriana is a mother and tech enthusiast from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She blogs about the latest kids tech trends.

Our Dragon Touch 7 Tablet Review was written to help you make a purchasing decision on a tablet. The following is a summary of what we feel should be known about the Dragon Touch.

The Specs

As the name suggests, this is a 7 inch touch screen tablet. Perhaps an interesting factor of this tablet despite the very low cost is the 1024×600 screen resolution. For a 7 inch display, this tablet has many other low cost tablets beat. It also supports 3D gaming with a high performance Quad Core GPU.

Another nice feature of such a low cost tablets is the Dual Core processor with DDR3 RAM. This is not the greatest, as you will find quad core processors as well, but some of the others are only single core. There have not been any reports of this tablet being sluggish.

The Dragon Touch has 4GB of storage with the option to expand to 32GB with a microSD card. Generally, 4GB tends to be enough for storage, and it is nice that it is expandable.

As with many Android tablets, this one comes with Google Play preinstalled. You will have access to thousands of apps from Google’s app store.

Dragon Touch 7 Reviews

For an inexpensive tablet, the Dragon Touch 7 runs great. Customers have reported that that get good graphics for the price. Also, the battery life seems to be on the good side.

Apart from it being a robust tablet, the Dragon Touch 7 comes for you with educational games and apps. You can go to the Google Play Store and download apps there, or just download games as if that is your jam.

This tablet works great if you want to browse the internet and check your emails or simply watch YouTube videos. This is a great first tablet for any child and works great for an adult wants two rows the web inexpensively.

Customers have reported that the customer service for this tablet is also excellent. One customer had a cracked screen and they sent her a new one.

For an inexpensive tablet, area life lasts a long time; 4 hours of continuous use. That is about the same run time as a small Lenovo laptop.

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Hardware Specs

Age Range 3+ Years Old
Connection Wifi and USB
Screen Size 7 Inches
Resolution 800×600
Processor Dual Core Cortex A7 1.5GHz
Memory 4GB, expandable to 32GB
Weight 0.57 Pounds

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