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Contixo 7 Inch Tablet Review


The Contixo 7 inch tablet is a decent tablet at a low to mid range price. It is available on Amazon for $95, and runs on one of the latest versions of Android; 4.2 Jelly Bean. The reviews generally show the view that it is a decent tablet for such a low price.

You get the Google Play store preinstalled so you will have access to their entire library of hundred of apps and games. Moreover, it also comes with educational games for kids pre installed so you don’t need to go out of your way and buy them for your kids.

Before making a decision on what to buy for a tablet, it is always wise to go over the hardware specs and see how it stacks up to other tablets at the same price.


  • Very light
  • Fast load times and smooth usage
  • Full access to Google Play
  • Bright and crisp graphics


  • Battery life on the lower end but still decent
Contixo 7 Inch Tablet

Contixo 7 Inch Tablet
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Overall Rating 5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Manufacturer L & S Enterprise Group Corp.
Operating System Android

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Review By: Adriana

Adriana is a mother and tech enthusiast from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She blogs about the latest kids tech trends.

Our Contixo 7 Tablet Review covers what you need to know about before making a purchase. The following are the most pertinent points of interest when comparing tablets with the average for their price range.

Annpadar 7 Tablet Features


The Contixo tablet runs on the Dual Core A8 processor with a speedy 1.6 GHz clock speed. The A8 is not the fastest processor for tablets, but it is decent for a $95 tablet. There has been no reports of sluggishness, but one reviewer reported an issue with their tablet freezing up when their child used it.


The resolution in the Cortico is 1024×600 dpi, which is a lot of pixels for a 7 inch screen! The graphics quality on this tablet is awesome, which will be a major bonus for you and your kids. Images are crisper and outlines are smoother. The angle view of the display is also decent and won’t grow dim and you manipulate your tablet.


The Contixo 7 inch tablet comes with 8GB of onboard memory. This is usually enough for most people even when downloading apps from Google Play. But if you need more, this tablet gives the option of expanding to 32GB with a microSD card.


The rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 4 hours of continuous play. At face value, this does not seem to be a lot, but battery life specs tends to vary based according to how it is measured. One Amazon customer has said that they child used it for 3 days without needing to recharge the battery!


The weight of this 7 inch tablet is very light at only 0.63 pounds. This is lighter than most models and it the lightest that we have seen.


What is great about this tablet is that it comes preloaded with educational apps for kids, so you do not need to buy them unless your kids want more. Many tablets at this price do not come with preinstalled games and apps, so this is definitely a plus!

You will be able to watch movies and read books. Your kids can play logic, math, and word games. There is much entertainment to be had…

Front and Rear Camera

This tablet comes with front and rear cameras for photos and video. You can use Skype and have front and rear video chat with your friends and family.

The Verdict

The Contixo 7 inch tablet is decent in both hardware and software for the low price of $95 on Amazon. This price is excellent when considering the fact that you get a fast processor, and awesome graphics resolution. Not much to complain about, but if you are looking for slightly higher hardware specs, please view our Versus Touchtab 10.1 Tablet Review! Keep in mind that you will be paying an extra $30-$50, but it is one of our top choices. However, it does not come preloaded with educational apps.

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Hardware Specs

Age Range 3+ Years Old
Connection Wifi and USB
Resolution 1024×600
Processor Dual Core A8 1.6GHz
Memory 8GB, expandable to 32GB
Weight 0.63 Pounds
Battery life 4 hours

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