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Top 8 Cheap Tablets For Kids

Review By: Adriana Posted on June 26th, 2014 Introduction It has been a while since my husband and I have begun the undertaking of reviewing the latest kids wifi tablets. In fact, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help customers like you make a purchasing decision. We know that you want value for your money, and some are ... Read More »

Should I Buy My Kid An iPad?

Technology has come a long way since you were a child hasn’t it? If I could be transported back in time to when I was a child, but with all of the technological advances of today’s society, I would probably choose to play with electronics. But this also brings up a question… is it wise to buy your kids the ... Read More »

When To Not Buy A Kids Tablet

Review By: Benjamin Posted on June 11th, 2014 Introduction A kids tablet is usually a great purchase… It can accelerate your kids’ learning in terms of reading, math, sciences, and even creativity. But when is it not a good time to buy a kids tablet? How Old Is Too Young? Before the age of 2 years old, you kids learn ... Read More »

Does The Cost Of A Kids Tablet Matter?

Review By: Benjamin Posted on June 11th, 2014 Introduction If you are considering the purchase of a kids wifi tablet, you may be distracted by the vast array of brands that are available. Kids tablets range in price from $50 to as high as $350. But are the higher prices worth it? Generally speaking, yes! But most of the difference ... Read More »

When To Introduce Tablets To Your Kids

Review By: Adriana Posted on June 9th, 2014 You have probably realized by now that a tablet can be of great benefit to your kids’ learning. You could buy a tablet at any time, but is there an optimal time to buy your kids a tablet? From the time they are 1-2 years old, they are already handling your handheld ... Read More »

Top 5 Children’s Tablets

Review By: Adriana Posted on June 2nd, 2014 What are the best kids tablets? As this website is a review of popular kids tablets, you may be wondering what the top children’s tablets are. Here is a list of the top 5 tablets we have reviewed: 1. Fuhu Nabi 2 Review: This was the first Android tablet for kids. It ... Read More »

Are iPads and Tablets Bad For Kids?

You may not be surprised anymore by the sheer number of kids using a wifi tablet. You see them surfing the web and messaging their friends as they run around acting like any other kid… There has been considerable debate recently about whether letting your kids use a tablet is actually healthy for them. This stems, in part, from the ... Read More »

The Disadvantages Of A Kids Tablet

We talked a lot about the advantages of kids tablets as educational tools to accelerate learning. But we have not yet covered the disadvantages of using kids tablets as a means of babysitting them while you focus on your own activities. First, lets talk about why one might want to leave a child with a tablet for a period of ... Read More »

When Should I Teach My Kids Technology?

When you were a kids, did you use your parent’s computer and find it difficult to get any use out of it? It was only 20 years ago that PC’s were rather useless devices. And now that you are all grown up, over the years you’ve had to learn what most youth already know. Don’t you wish today’s technology had ... Read More »

Why buy a kids wifi tablet

Are you thinking of buying a wifi tablet for your kids, but aren’t sure what it can do for you? Buying a kids tablet is a bit of an investment when considering the higher priced models that cost upwards of $200. So being clear about the benefits is going to be useful so that you are researching the options with ... Read More »