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Are iPads and Tablets Bad For Kids?

You may not be surprised anymore by the sheer number of kids using a wifi tablet. You see them surfing the web and messaging their friends as they run around acting like any other kid…

There has been considerable debate recently about whether letting your kids use a tablet is actually healthy for them. This stems, in part, from the rampant Internet addiction of this era. We are afraid that if we immerse our kids in technology too early, we will be habituating them to be lost in the information world. Or even worse, be addicted to social media sites.

So the question then becomes; what effect does using a tablet have on a child’s brain? In fact, no conclusive research has shown that there are any dangers on a child’s brain. Although there have been some rare cases of children being addicted to their parent’s iPad, these cases are few and far in between. In reality, children will tend to lose their attention span when they are staring at a screen too long, and will begin to focus on something else.

We believe that due to mass media, we are repeatedly exposed to reports about Internet addiction and its evils. In fact, for adults, this does seem to be rampant. But we have yet to meet a child who is a true Internet addict.

If we put our superstitious minds aside, we begin to think about the benefits that a kids tablet can have on a child’s development. The younger generation never ceases to amaze parents with their technological savvy! And we know that this is not due to their upbringing. In schools, children are being taught technology at a much younger age. And their friends and parents are letting them borrow their devices. Kid that age learn by osmosis, always wanting more brain activity.

This is why introducing technology at an early age is crucial to their development as well-adjusted adults. Now, I know that this may spark a bit of controversy, but the reality is that if your kids do not grow up using technology, they will be left behind; just as their grandparents are left behind the curve.

In theory, could they learn to use technology later in life instead? Certainly….but it would take much more time and effort to train their brains to be tech savvy.

Lets face it, we are raising a generation of what parents would consider to be ‘nerds’. But in another 30 years from now, these ‘nerds’ will be the status quo.

We prefer to spare ourselves our kid’s future resentment and allow our son to use a kids tablet. Web browsing on this tablet is safe and it is full of educational apps and games. Our son has learned to read at an early age because of the available technology, and he enjoys learning!

What do you think? Have we been pushing technology too hard on our kids? Please leave a comment…

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